What is an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship?

Arkwright Scholarship are open apply now . An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession Arkwright Scholarship.

The Arkwright Scholarship are awarded to high-caliber 16-year-old students through a rigorous selection process and support students through the two years of their A-levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or equivalent qualifications.

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are awarded to students throughout the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and a growing number of British Overseas Schools, who aspire to a career in engineering, computing and related areas of technical (as opposed to aesthetic) design. TheArkwright Scholarship are awarded through rigorous selection to high-caliber students from all educational backgrounds to support them through their A Levels, Scottish Highers or International Baccalaureate. Students apply during year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland) and year 12 (Northern Ireland) before taking their GCSE or Scottish [National 5] Standard Grade exams. Scholarships begin at the start of year 12 (England & Wales) / S5 (Scotland) / year 13 (NI). Scholarships consist of an annual financial award to the Scholar and to her/his school, and a range of enrichment activities that increase a Scholar’s understanding of engineering and the world of work, such as mentoring and industry visits.

To be awarded an Engineering Arkwright Scholarship, student applicants must go through a three-stage selection process. The first stage is an extended on-line application form, where students have to describe a technical project they have done and explain how engineering is an interest in their lives. This on-line application must include a reference from a relevant teacher at the applicant’s school. Stage two is a two-hour exam, where applicants must set out the practical design and manufacturing methods of their proposed solutions to two stated engineering problems. The final stage is an interview hosted at a university renowned for engineering.

Every Scholarship is sponsored by a commercial company, trade association, university, professional institution, armed service, government organization, worshipful company,  charitable trust or personal donor. This means that support is offered in various different ways, for example, valuable hands-on work experience, support for your curriculum project and a personal mentor who can help you with aspects of your studies and career planning.

Key benefits include:

Financial help

You receive £600 as part of the Scholarship – use this funding to support the purchase of components and materials to complete your personal technical projects or enhance your curriculum projects. Alternatively, use the money to purchase textbooks, reference books, or to fund your attendance on technical courses, summer schools or university open days. Your school receives £400 if you secure a Scholarship which it must spend on equipment, materials or teacher training to enhance the delivery of STEM subjects.


Wherever possible we or your Sponsor will pair you with a Mentor – a Professional Engineer who can provide advice and guidance about your future study and career development, and even technical advice to help with your projects.

Open up the world of Arkwright Engineering Scholarships to your Students

Do you want to reward your best GCSE / Scottish National 5 STEM students, and set them on the path to a successful career in engineering, computing and technical aspects of design?

If so, the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships could be the tool you are looking for. These are highly-sought-after Scholarships for high-potential STEM students keen to pursue a future career in engineering in its widest sense, including computing, chemical engineering and ‘technical’ aspects of product design (as opposed to aesthetics).

Download the affiliation form

Students must submit their initial, online applications between September and January each academic year. A £40.00 administration fee is payable, by April, for each student application. This helps to cover the cost of Arkwright’s rigorous selection process. This fee may be payable by the School or the applicant’s parents depending on local arrangements (which are beyond the control of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships). Teachers should decide how best the fee can be paid.

Are you eligible to apply?

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are for the ‘brightest and best’ students that have the passion and determination to succeed in their future studies and career:

  • You must have a strong desire to have a future career as a leader within the Engineering Profession (which includes computing and technical aspects of design)
  • When you apply, you must be in the school year in which you will sit your GCSEs, Scottish National 5s, International Baccalaureate Standards, BTEC level 2s or equivalent exams
  • You must intend to stay at school or sixth form college for two years to study A levels, BTEC level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma, Scottish Highers / Advanced Highers or the International Baccalaureate higher level
  • You must be planning to study Maths to A level, Scottish Higher level or International Baccalaureate higher level

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Talk to your teacher if you are interested in applying for a Scholarship. Applications are open between September and January each year.

Your school must be affiliated to the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme before you can apply for a Scholarship. If your school is not affiliated ask your teacher to complete the school affiliation form. Affiliation is quick, simple and FREE.

You must apply during year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), year 12 (Northern Ireland). The Scholarship will be awarded as you begin year 12 (England and Wales), S5 (Scotland), year 13 (Northern Ireland) to study subjects which will prepare you for a university degree or higher-level apprenticeship and career in Engineering, computing or technical design.

£40.00 administration fee is payable, by April, for each student application. This helps to cover the cost of Arkwright’s rigorous selection process. This fee may be payable by the School or the applicant’s parents depending on local arrangements (which are beyond the control of Arkwright Engineering Scholarships). Teachers should decide how best the fee can be paid.

The selection process consists of five stages:

  1. Online student application, endorsed by a teacher – September to December
    More details
  2. Two-hour student aptitude exam – February
    More details
  3. If you pass stages 1 and 2 then: 20-minute interview hosted at a university – April to May
    More details
  4. If you meet the Arkwright Standard we will then attempt to match you to a sponsoring organisation which will enable us to award you an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship – May to September
  5. The Scholarship are awarded at prestigious Awards Ceremonies in London and Edinburgh – October /November
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Note: An integral part of every application is to show your practical ability through technical project work you have done at school or home. See below for more details of:

Practical Projects

All details of the application and award process can be found in Sections 4 and 5, pages 7 to 12, of the Arkwright Handbook.

Convince Us!

In stage 1 you gain experience of completing an online ‘job application’-type form.

Our Contact Teachers are made aware when each year’s application round is opened. Applications are welcomed from early November to mid-January each year. First, your teacher must nominate you on our online portal. Then each student must complete a detailed online form setting out their:

  • GCSE/Scottish National 5 (or equivalent) subjects and predicted exam grades
  • Intended subjects of study beyond GCSEs/Scottish National 5s
  • What interests the about engineering
  • Their post-school education and career aspirations
  • A practical engineering/technology project they have done
  • Their extra-curricular activities, particulary those highlighting their leadership skills

It is the teacher who submits each student’s application, after adding their own Reference for each students.

Further details of the online application stage can be found in Sections 4.1 and 4.2 of the Arkwright Handbook.