Chevening Scholarships are government scholarships that are provided by the United Kingdom. Since 1983, scholars from 144 countries have been awarded this prestigious scholarship. Many students have heard of this scholarship, and I would like to explain clearly about this scholarship in this article.

Chevening Scholarships vs. Chevening Fellowships

There are two types of government awards that are given by the United Kingdom which are Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships. Since many students become confused between these two, I would like to discuss the differences between those scholarships.

The main difference is the target group of two different scholarships. The Chevening Scholarships are for students who want to enroll in graduate degrees. The Chevening Fellowships are for people in the middle of their career to further their expertise. Also, students participating in Chevening Scholarships do receive a degree, while students participating in Chevening Fellowship do not receive a degree. Therefore, students who want to further their education by receiving a degree should apply for Chevening Scholarships.

To read about these differences in the official scholarship page, visit the Chevening Scholarship website. Since most students will pursue Chevening Scholarships since this scholarship awards degrees, I will write only about Chevening Scholarships in this article.

Chevening Scholarship Amount

  1. Tuition
  2. Airplane ticket
  3. Monthly stipend to cover living expenses
  4. Arrival allowance
  5. Cost of Visa
  6. If required, cost of tuberculosis test

For more information about the scholarship amount, visit the Term and Conditions.

Eligibility for Chevening Scholarships

  1. Be a citizen of Chevening-eligible country.
  2. Return to your country within two years after your award has ended.
  3. Have an undergraduate degree.
  4. Two years of work experience for Chevening Scholarships (Five years for Chevening Fellowship which does not grant a degree).
  5. Apply to three Chevening-eligible UK university and be admitted unconditionally to one.
  6. Meet the English Proficiency Requirement.

For more information about eligibility requirements, visit the Eligibility Criteria.

Work Experience

Two eligibility requirements that students most frequently ask about are the work experience and the English Proficiency Requirement. Since most students seek Chevening Scholarships since they want a degree, you only need two years of work experience.

Eligible Types of Work Experience 

  1. Full-time employment
  2. Part-time employment
  3. Voluntary Work
  4. Paid or Unpaid Internships
  5. Work Experience can be completed before, during, or after your undergraduate degree.

Minimum Hours of Work Experience 

For Chevening Scholarships, you need 2,800 hours of work experience. If you did not work full-time, you will need more than two years of work experience to satisfy minimum hours of work experience.

For more information about work experience criteria, visit the Work Experience Criteria.

English Proficiency Requirements

The second most asked criteria of Chevening Scholarships is the English Proficiency Requirements. Chevening accepts academic IELTS, Pearson PTE Academic, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge English Advanced, and Trinity ISE II. To view the eligible scores for each test, visit the English Proficiency Requirements.

Application Deadline

Chevening Scholarship is open in August 7, 2020 and will be closed in November 7, 2020.

How to Apply for Chevening Scholarships

You can apply to Chevening Scholarship by submitting an online application. This application becomes available in the official scholarship website in August of every year. Also, the application timeline is clearly stated in the official scholarship website. For more information, visit the Chevening Scholarships Application Procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that students ask about Chevening Scholarship. The official scholarship website has generously provided with the list of Frequently Asked Questions. To view the complete list of questions and answers, visit the FAQ.




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