IFFCO MD Scholarship are open Apply Now. Mr. Subhash Singh from Fatehpur village in Mirzapur district of UP was declared the recipient of IFFCO Rural Innovation Scholarship. He was felicitated and awarded Rs. 1 lakh scholarship by IFFCO in a function organized in Lucknow IFFCO MD Scholarship.

Mr. Singh’s idea was selected from around 4000 entries received for the scholarship. His idea is to contain the heat loss in a brick kiln, thereby reducing emissions of pollutants by upto 20 % . The idea has manifold benefits, if implemented by a brick kiln owner, it will reduce their investment by 20-25%, expedite the process, contain the heat loss into ground earth thereby reducing the ground-water loss, besides reduction in air pollution.

There are more than 18 thousand brick kilns in UP alone and emissions from these impact the ambient air quality amongst other alarming hazards to residents and environment. While the pollution in urban areas make the headlines, low quality of air in rural areas often go unnoticed. Subhash Singh saw this as major challenge and took it upon himself to build a solution.

Receiving the award, Mr Subhash expressed happiness that finally he has the correct platform to build, implement & scale his Idea.

On this occasion, Dr. U. S. Awasthi, MD & CEO, IFFCO, said, “that there is a great need today for the use of digital technology to bring economic and social equality among the people of rural India”. IFFCO will continue to encourage such entrepreneurs throughout rural India for bridging the gap.’He further said the large number of the applications showed the “extent of desire among farmers and rural youth to create this change’.

The UP Pollution Control Board had acknowledged and recognized the efforts and will chalk out plans to test & validate Subhash’s study at various Institutes of repute, like CBRI Roorke, IIT’s. Prof J.P Chakraborty IIT (BHU) who mentored Mr. Subhash Singh in his innovation, said, ‘It is indeed a great pleasure to partner with Mr. Subhash Chandra Singh in his innovation. IIT (BHU) is helping him patent his innovation and I am a representative from IIT (BHU) who is directly working with him. Once the patent is granted, we are confident that we will be able to commercialize the Process Patent and this will reduce atmospheric pollution, reduce the requirement of coal in Brickfields (by reducing the heat loss) and increase the profit of the brick-field owners. Today, I am very glad that the effort put in by Mr. Singh is being recognized by IFFCO and he is being awarded by them.’

IFFCO MD Scholarship goal and intended outcome:

IFFCO is granting scholarships titled “IFFCO RURAL INNOVATION SCHOLARSHIP(IRIS)”. The goal of the scholarship is to strengthen education, research & innovation capacity in rural areas. The scholarship intends to achieve the above through encouraging & empowering individuals at all levels to bring their focus on role of Digital technology in farming and agriculture, while generating solutions to the impending challenges in the field. With over 40 million members in 36,000 member cooperatives, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative (IFFCO) is one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in the world, generating over $5 billion of turnover.

IFFCO MD Scholarship Guidelines

We are inviting applications for innovation using digital technology to solve challenges related to the following fields :

  • Agriculture (farmers, farming, crops, fertilizers & Agro machinery etc)
  • Infrastructure
  • Health (Women Health, Child Health etc.)
  • Hygiene (Cleanliness, Recycling farm waste etc.)
  • Education
  • Elderly care

IFFCO MD Scholarship Amount:

Rs. 1,00,000

IFFCO MD Scholarship Selection :

The idea for the scholarship shall be selected by eminent jury member from digital and social sector

Terms and Condition of  IFFCO MD Scholarship:

  • Describe your idea thoroughly. The allocation of the scholarship will be based upon it
  • Applicant Age: 18 and above
  • Last date for Form submission is 5th June 2019