International Christian University is a private university that is located in Tokyo, Japan. This relatively small university is known for its undergraduate education. It is the most prestigious liberal arts college in Japan which aims undergraduate students to have a broad education rather than contained in the specific field of study. 

This university consists of 2,934 undergraduate students, 237 graduate students, and 147 faculties located in 31 undergraduate programs and 1 graduate school. Also, ICU operates 8 research institutions for researching, planning conferences, and hosting seminars. 

International Christian University Scholarships (Undergraduate) 

ICU Peace Bell Scholarship 

  • Scholarship Amount- 1 million yen annually for four years (Tuition is approximately 1 million yen) 
  • Eligibility- All international students pursuing undergraduate degrees 
  • Number of Recipients- 14 students per year 
  • Application Deadline- Application deadline is the same as the admission deadline. 
  • Application Procedure- You are automatically considered for this scholarship based on recommendations and admission score. 

There are many non full-tuition scholarships other than the scholarship listed above. For more information, visit International Christian University Scholarships Page. 

International Christian University Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate) 

MEXT Scholarship 

MEXT Scholarship is a fully-funded governmental scholarship that is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. The application opens in April and closes in May each year. For more information, visit MEXT Scholarship Article. 

For other nonfull-tuition scholarships for graduate students, visit International Christian University Scholarships Page. 

Application Deadline 

Spring 2019 

  • Undergraduate (1st)- Application opens in August 15th and closes in August 24th. 
  • Undergraduate (2nd)- Application opens in October 10th and closes in October 19th. 
  • Graduate (1st)- Application opens in August 15th and closes in August 28th. 
  • Graduate (2nd)- Application opens in December 1st and closes in December 13th.

Fall 2019 

  • Undergraduate (1st)- Application opens in January 6th and closes in January 22nd. 
  • Undergraduate (2nd)- Application opens in February 16th and closes in March 6th. 
  • Graduate- Application opens in February 19th and closes in March 14th. 

How to Apply 

You can apply online to International Christian University. Visit Undergraduate Admissions Page and Graduate Admissions Page for application procedure. 

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