The first university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Saud University is often regarded as the most prestigious school in the entire country. KSU is a public university that was founded to help meet the shortage of laborers in Saudi Arabia, but was renamed after King Saud in 1982. US News & World Report annually ranks the school #1 on the list of Best Arab Region Universities. Currently, King Saud University scholarships are awarded to international students as well as domestic students!

The student body is about 55,000 total students, including roughly 40,000 undergraduates. There is a great amount of diversity there, with about 7% of the population being international students. There are about 5,000 administrative staff, leading to about an 11:1 student to faculty ratio. Most classes are taught in English or Arabic, and the school offers dozens of departments that range from mathematics to administrative studies (such as Budgets & Equality Assurance).

King Saud University is comprised of 23 different smaller colleges, such as the College of Prince Sultan for Emergency Medical Services, and the prestigious College of Medicine. These colleges are distributed throughout the one main campus in Riyadh. Two hospitals (King Abdulaziz University Hospital and King Khalid University Hospital) are dedicated and ran on campus, as well as The Palm Mosque.

Additionally, the school runs an astounding seventeen different research centers, all with their own purpose. Their research programs are renowned for their advancements in each respective field. KSU’s endowment was a massive $2.7 billion USD, the highest figure for any Arab region university. This high endowment helps to provide generous King Saud University scholarships to international students!

The rigors of KSU programs along with the impressive staff have led to graduated students having great preparations in the real world. Alumni have found great success, and the school has produced figures such as deputy crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, Faisal Hamad Al-squir (VP of Advanced Electronics), and Salim Ahmed Milbai (GM of AlMawashi Company).

King Saud University Scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate)

The tuition fee in King Saud University is free for both domestic and international students. Also, all international students that are admitted receive generous scholarships of monthly stipends. The rates vary according to the field of study and the degree pursued. For more information about this generous King Saud University Scholarships, visit this page.

Admissions at King Saud University

You should visit the Frequently Asked Questions for information about admissions. There is also contact information available for you at the bottom of the page, and it is wise to contact them for detailed information.


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King Saud University Scholarships
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