List of Qualified Applicants for 2019 PMAEE are available download now. The Philippine Military Academy through their official Facebook page recently announced the official master list of all qualified applicants for the 2019 PMA Entrance Examination (PMAEE). They are qualified to take the PMAEE on September 9, 2019, at various testing centers nationwide and get the chance to become a part the PMA Class of 2023. Upon admission to the Academy, these young individuals will enjoy free 4-year tertiary education, free board and lodging and state of the art training facilities and equipment. On top of that, they will earn a monthly salary and allowances even if they are still studying. Upon completion of their training, they will receive a baccalaureate degree in Leadership and Management and a progressive military career as regular officers of the Army, Air Force, and Navy awaits them.

Master List of Examinees for 2019 PMAEE

Here is the official list of applicants who are qualified for the September 2019 PMA Entrance Examinations:

Reminders to Examinees:

  • If your name is listed in the official master list above and holding an exam permit, please bring the following items on examination day:
      • PMAEE Permit
      • A valid ID
      • 2 pcs Mongol pencil No. 2
  • If you are a regular applicant, meaning you submitted your application online or thru courier, but you have not received your permit, check the master list above to check if your application has been processed. If you found your name, bring the following on the examination day:
      • A valid ID
      • 2 pcs 2×2 colored picture in white background
      • 2 pcs Mongol pencil No. 2
  • If you are one of those whose name does not appear on the list but submitted their application and were given a transaction number, please bring the following:
      • Duly Accomplished Application form
      • Photocopy of Grades/ Form 138
      • Photocopy of NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
      • 2pcs Mongol pencil number 2 ‘
      • 2pcs 2×2 picture (on a white background)’
      • Valid ID
  • If you are applying as a walk-in applicant, please bring the following:
      • Duly Accomplished Application form
      • Photocopy of Grades/ Form 138
      • Photocopy of NSO/PSA Birth Certificate
      • 2pcs Mongol number 2
      • 2pcs 2×2 picture (White Background)
      • Valid ID
  • A Limited Physical Exam (LPE) will be part of the processing of applicants. The following will be a ground to disqualify an applicant from taking the exam:
      • Visible tattoo
      • Lacking body parts
      • Excess body parts
      • Visible bodily defects. (crossed eyed, cleft lip/palate, etc..)
  • For listed applicants and/or permit holders, if you have concerns regarding misspelled/lacking letter/errors in your name, etc, name correction/s will be done during the processing of applicants at designated exam centers.
  •  Please be at your respective examination center on Sunday, September 9, 2019 not later than 7:00 AM.
  • Walk-in applicants will be processed on First-come, First-served basis. Slots for walk-in applicants are limited.
  • For all those who were able to apply online or through the mail but did not receive their permits, check the master list posted. If your name is not on the master list but you think you are qualified, you may proceed to the testing center nearest your location and apply as a walk-in applicant.
  • Those who have exam permit but have personal conflict/issue with exam center indicated on their exam permits may take the exam on another exam venue. Present your respective exam permits to the proctors on site
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