The 50th Anniversary International Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships are now open to highly talented prospective students to pursue four-year degree programmes. The scholarship money will be awarded to exceptional students from 25 designated countries.

The aim of these scholarships is to provide financial help to awarded to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students from 25 designated countries.

The University of Calgary has been ranked amongst the world’s top universities and we’ve done it by pushing our limits, challenging ourselves to do better, and seeking knowledge – wherever that journey takes us. UCalgary offers students a high-quality educational experience that prepares them for success in life, as well as research that addresses society’s most persistent challenges.

UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships Description:

  • Applications deadline: Scholarship is open for the year 2020.
  • Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate as well postgraduate programme.
  • Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded learn any of the courses offered by the university.
  • Scholarship Award:
    Undergraduate scholarships: $24,000 per student per year for up to four years of study.
    Graduate scholarships: $16,000 per student registered in a thesis-based PhD program per year, for up to four years of study.
  • Nationality: The scholarship money will be awarded to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students from 25 designated countries.
  • Number of Scholarships: Numbers not given.
  • Scholarship can be taken in the Canada

Eligibility for the UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships : 

Eligible Countries: List of designated countries (not in any priority order)

China (Country of Emphasis), United States (Country of Emphasis), Germany (Country of Emphasis), Tanzania (Country of Emphasis), Mexico (Country of Emphasis), Saudi Arabia (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Qatar (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Jordan (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), United Arab Emirates (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Egypt (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Iran (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Norway (Country of Interest), India (Country of Interest), UK (Country of Interest), Spain (Country of Interest), France (Country of Interest), Australia (Country of Interest), Thailand (Country of Interest), Vietnam (Country of Interest), Singapore (Country of Interest), Japan (Country of Interest), South Korea (Country of Interest), Malaysia (Country of Interest), Brasil (Country of Interest), Tanzania (Country of Emphasis).

In addition to the above countries, opportunities for following countries 15 must are explored, as they are among the top 40 countries of international students at the University of Calgary

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Colombia, Ghana, Kuwait, Palestine, Venezuela, Taiwan, Italy, Libya, Sri Lanka, Austria.

Entrance Requirements: Scholarships are open to undergraduate and graduate students from designated countries.

English Language Requirements: Students must meet the university’s English Language Requirements.

Canada Scholarships

Application Procedure for UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships : 

How to Apply:

Undergraduate Application Process:

Review the steps below.

  • Choose your first-choice and second-choice programs
  • Check your admission requirements
  • Complete your online application based on your most recent studies
  • Review the checklist of items required in addition to your application

Graduate Application Process:

Follow these steps before you apply for grad studies. Admissions to graduate programs are highly competitive, as there are a limited number of spaces. There is no general right of admission, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

  • Ensure you meet admission requirements for the Faculty of Graduate Studies and your program.
  • Review the application deadlines for your graduate program.
  • Plan 2-6 months to prepare required documents. International students may need longer.

Required documents

Official transcripts

You must arrange to have official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended, even if you did not graduate, sent in a sealed envelope to your graduate program from the issuing university. You can upload unofficial documents to your online application.

Curriculum vitae

Some master’s and doctoral programs require a current version of your curriculum vitae.

Reference letters

Contact your referees and ask if they would provide a letter in support of your application. It is customary to give them at least one month’s notice.

Study proposal

A study proposal provides a clear description of the research or study area that you would like to pursue. Many successful applicants take approximately one month to research and write the proposal.

Writing sample

Some graduate programs require a writing sample. A sample must be something you have written yourself, independently in an undergraduate or graduate class.

Standardized tests

Check your program requirements to know which tests you will need to take and the minimum score required to be considered for admission. The time to schedule and successfully complete these tests varies, and so you will need to plan accordingly.

Document translation

If your original documents are not in English, you must request a second set of documents to be given to a translator for a notarized word-for-word English translation. Send the translated copy to your graduate program in addition to your official documents.

Program documents

After you submit your online application, you will receive an email with your UCID number and instructions on how to access your Student Centre, where you will find a to-do list for providing program-specific supporting documents.

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