The University of Malaya is the most prestigious and also the oldest higher learning institute in Malaysia. It is a public research university that was founded in 1905 as the King Edward VII College of Medicine but later changed due to the school’s popularity and growth. QS has the university at the 112th spot on their list of 2020 World University Rankings, and as high as 23rd in all of Asia. Respectively, Times Higher Education has the school 59th in Asia. To help with their studies, international students can receive generous University of Malaya scholarships!

Roughly 17,500 students are currently attending the University of Malaya. This figure is comprised of about 9,200 graduate students and a slightly less amount of undergraduates, at just 8,300. The school is led by roughly 2,900 teachers, for about a 6:1 student to faculty ratio. There are dozens of departments offered at UM, including music, economics, surgery, and much more.

The school has one single campus, located in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here, it is divided into twelve different faculties, schools, academies, and research centers. They include the renowned Centre for Foundation Studies, the Academy of Malay Studies, and the prestigious Faculty of Medicine.

Malaysia’s endowment in 2020 was about RM1.6 billion, a substantially high amount that ensures students and faculties have everything necessary to succeed. Research is a massive part of UM, and the school runs the Sports Centre and the Cultural Centre. Additionally, a great deal of time and funds are spent on biomedical research as well as engineering and social sciences. With this endowment, international students are provided University of Malaya scholarships which helps them immensely!

The rigors of UM have led to alumni finding success after graduation. Every program is intense and extremely informative while being led by fantastic figures. Thus, the university has produced many famous figures, including politicians Anwar Ibrahim and Musa Hitam, television host Gary Yap, and Malaysian diplomat Razali Ismail.

University of Malaya Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Unfortunately, University of Malaya do not provide financial aid to undergraduate international students. To see scholarships offered to undergraduate students, visit

University of Malaya Scholarships and Admissions (Graduate)

Unlike undergraduate students, graduate students who are international students are eligible to receive scholarships from University of Malaya. To see the details, visit Master’s and Doctoral Scholarships Page. Here, you will see that there are many fully funded scholarships available at this excellent university in Malaysia.

To apply, you will need to fill out the online application form. But first, you should check the eligibility criteria and the required documents. You can find this information on the Admissions Page.

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University of Malaya Scholarships
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